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The Coolest Independent Jewelry in Stockholm

Jewelry for the people -by the people! Gone are the days turning to the big fast fashion chains for your weekend wear and tear-bling. It’s in the craftsmanship we get our kicks and we just love the rise of the many small independent jewelry brands getting established on the market. Below we list our favorite independent jewelry brands in Stockholm at the moment.



Earrings, necklaces and rings in reused stearling silver. Made by the hand of Towa Vretlund herself; founder of WRETLUND. Visit her Instagram or her tictail shop or pop by her studio in the beautiful space of Temporärt by Kronobergsparken. Favorite pieces in the collection? The Nina earrings (in the picture above), The Murran necklace & The Harry ring.



Difficult to miss the fashion world jewelry darling with its groundbreaking design and chunky silver rings. Now this brand keeps on innovating and never stops impressing. Last week they presented All Blues Copy. A new service where customers can 3D scan something, or someone, they hold dear and turn it into a piece of jewelry. Go ahead and book your 3D-scan appointment here.



Easy to say, goldsmith Nathalie Wåhlin a.k.a. Feministsmeden has a pronounced niche. She creates jewelry focusing exclusively on the venus sign ie the woman gender symbol including the trans gender sign. Role model? Jewelry artist and human rights activist Rosa Taikon.



Run by the Swedish duo Hanna and Matilda, this earring jewelry brand was born by accident. One of the the two to-be-founders lost one piece of a set of earrings and felt frustrated of not being able to use the last piece. Driven by an urge to create sustainable fashion and a passion for design, they created Combime. Each piece on the website is therefore sold by itself so you can create several combinations the way you like with a designed front and back piece.



Coming from an Economics background one would say they operate with a demand-pull approach. That is, all jewelry handcrafted as per order uniquely for every single customer. Recycled yellow, white and rose gold together with precious gemstones such as natural saphires, aquamarines, tourmalines along with certified, conflict free diamonds. Beautiful and personal -make sure to book an appointment to their Stockholm showroom or visit Vallgatan 12 in Gothenburg or the tictail market in New York City.

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