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14 female Nobel Prize Winners Re-Released

14 women have been awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature throughout history; now they will be re-released as a joint initiative from eight Swedish publishing houses.

Coming in to mid-fall usually means the announcement of the Nobel Prize Winner in literature by Svenska Akademien. However, this year there’ll be none due to the crisis within the organization that followed after what came to light during the #metoo movement last fall.

As a reaction to this, eight Swedish publishing houses have come together to re-release the works of the 14 female Nobel Prize winners** in literature since the price was established in 1901:

  • 1909: Selma Lagerlöf, Sverige, Albert Bonniers förlag
  • 1926: Grazia Deledda, Italien, Wahlström & Widstrand
  • 1928: Sigrid Undset, Norge, Norstedts
  • 1938: Pearl S. Buck, USA, Albert Bonniers förlag
  • 1945: Gabriella Mistral, Chile, Norstedts
  • 1966: Nelly Sachs, Tyskland/Sverige, Ersatz
  • 1991: Nadine Gordimer, Sydafrika, Albert Bonniers förlag
  • 1993: Toni Morrison, USA, Forum
  • 1996: Wislawa Szymborska, Polen, Ellerströms
  • 2004: Elfriede Jelinek, Österrike, Forum
  • 2007: Doris Lessing, Storbritannien, Forum
  • 2009: Herta Müller, Rumänien/Tyskland, Wahlström & Widstrand
  • 2013: Alice Munro, Kanada, Atlas
  • 2015: Svetlana Aleksijevitj, Vitryssland, Ersatz


14th of November is the day to run to the book store 🙂 Perfect time to get a little more educated and support this feminist action -killing two birds with one stone!


**Although 14 female winners over the last century is far from enough, we encourage and support this action and will keep on supporting initiatives aiming at evening out the gender inequalities within different fields and workplaces.

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